I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What? another one done already?

Hello everyone! Can't believe another transfer has already gone by. I don't believe i've been with Elder makasini already 6 weeks. I hope i get to do another transfer with him he's been way way awesome! He's taught me alot. Well i'll get started on the week i suppose! Starting last p day. 5/19 Nothing to exciting happened really. Just the normal volley ball and eat. Me and maka sini have grown alot together and i saw him mature alot over this transfer. Well trying to sleep that night was a joke. lightning and thunder was crazy! Pretty sure that the fence in the front of our house was struck. It was so crazy and so crazy loud! Holy moly never heard it so loud and close as i did that day! The next day we had zone conference 5/20 it was from 10-4 well on the way there elder fale (my trainer) said my language hadn't improved. Thanks man. You didn't help me at all you have no reason to talk and i felt alot better about my language. But then i still didn't understand much in the meeting so it just got me more down. Also found out this mission is full of a bunch of gossip girls it's dumb how much is said behind each others backs to other missionaries. But then we got to watch the talk elder holland gave to us my first devotional in the MTC. It was SO good to rehear that talk. It is way good! You can probably find it online. He gave it 1/11/11 it is so good. I took notes on it again and it was just amazing! I love his talks. I also got another letter from chet. yet again it was sent to boroko new guinea first! haha at least i got it right? He wrote it 3/18. I came across a scripture this day that just brough me alot of comfort Alma 37:37. I'll let you read it. It was a comforting mission scripture. We ended our meeting with hearing the finishing missionaries testimony and a recent convert. Told us his whole story. Its way cool. He was way against the church but because his son got interested. He read the Book of Mormon out of curiosity and wanted to be baptized ASAP. Pretty cool. 5/21 This was a really cool day that at first i thought was going to be a waste because of the rain. Well we went out and stopped at bishops cause it was raining. He fed us and we waited for the rain to stop. it finally did. Then we went to a members house and talked to them til the rain stopped again. we headed back home to make another plan and come up with what we were gonna do. I started reading the bible and maka took a little nap while we waited for the rain to stop again. Well I woke up 30 minutes later. I didn't know i fell asleep haha. Workin hard i guess. But it was time for fafanga so we went there. They just gave us money and so as we were walkin back we decided to stop by a house where a guy named Tevita Akauola lives. We've tried teaching him this whole transfer but he's never been home. Well we were gonna stop by to see if we could just set an appointment with the zone leaders cause apparently he didn't understand last time so we needed extra help but he was there and they made it seem like they were ready to hear a lesson. Well we took advantage of the chance. We only taught him the first and second principle. They were surprised when we finished somewhat quick but we needed the zone leaders to help teach so we just did a little something. He seemed really interested though. Little background. He is wesleyan and his wife is a member of our church but she just follows him. They just had a baby and want to baptize that baby wesleyan this saturday we found out. More about that later. well we finished up there and then started to walk to a ladys house we'd been planning to go see that was inactive. on our way there we ran into her nephew who we also wanted to talk to and invite him to church. So we did that when we saw him. Then we stopped by a house we had an appointment with but cancelled cause of our zone conference. They were good. Then we went to this ladys house we were plannin. her name is Finau Moana. Anyway we show up and she said she was just praying for us or someone to come. her baby was sick and she wanted her baby to have a blessing. Talk about the lord guiding us there through the rain that i thought was gonna be a waste! Here, you don't really go out in rain cause you get soaked and dont want to go into peoples houses and get it all wet. But anyway we gave her baby a blessing and answered questions she had about the Book of mormon and the God head. She understood after that. I'm confused why she didn't know though because she was married in the temple her first marriage and her husband now is wesleyan. But if she went through the temple you'd think she'd know all that but oh well she knows now haha. She was way nice though. We asked if we could do a FHE with her on monday and she said yes and we invited her to church. It felt really cool to experience physical proof of being a tool in the lords hands to help the ones in need. 5/22 we went to church today. In sacrament for the first ward we go too, the counselor came and asked me to give the opening prayer. I said yes and was scared. I felt my prayers really improved this transfer but i was still scared. well i said it. Man. What a bad prayer. I'm glad God is merciful cause that prayer was as good as well, i dunno, but no good haha. I think i thanked for 2 things and asked 2 blessings. I got nervous what can i say? Mind went blank. Then in Sacrament meeting Mele, Fina & Vala spoke. They live in the house next to us. They spoke cause they are moving to San Fransisco. Then after church we waited for the ZL's so we could go teach Tevita the rest of lesson 1. It went really good. We all took part. I talked about how to pray to know the truth. I felt everything i said came out smooth and made sense. Tevita seemed to have enjoyed the lesson too which is good. Another appointment with him for wednesday at 6. Then we went back and finished church with our other ward. Then we went to our fafanga. Pretty funny we were eating and a really old episode of music and the spoken word popped up on their TV. Made me laugh. Then we had a bishops conference that night with the bishops from our wards and all the leaders of the groups. They were talking about how to do missionary work and bring the less active back. Some decided to do it in their groups. Some decided by families and what not. Then we went to visit Finau to see if the FHE was able for monday. She said it was but her husband won't come (he hates mormons. But he married one?) 5/23 We woke up and got some breakfast from the house we had our fafanga the day before. This time the Wiggles was on. Made me teary eyed for a sec cause it made me miss ty and brooke. Then played basketball with makasini. After that we came and studied and marked up lots of scriptures. Then we went and visited a member a little ways away on our way to our teaching appointment. She was good. Served a mission here in Tonga in 06. Then we went to our appointment with Josephine. We read Ether 12 with her. My favorite chapter. We just explained each verse as we read them. It was good. Then we went to our FHE with Finau. It was really good. I shared the spiritual thought and we did an activity with her about listening to prophets. She really enjoyed it. We finished and she asked us to stay for dinner. So we did. Chicken in noodles. It was good. We also got to talk to viliami. Turns out he was baptized at 13 by his uncle but his dad said no more and made him wesleyan. he's probably 24 now and still likes mormonism and everything. hopefully one day his dad won't hate him and he can be a mormon again. Then we went and had FHE with the family next door to our house. The Tu'ihalangingie's. They are awesome. I just thanked them for all their help to me. We also answered a question of a girl there. She has a friend that asked why we have the book of moses if its just the same as genisis. I said it's cause it has the Joseph smith translations in it and we found a scripture: 1 nephi 13: 29 says how the bible has lost truths that need to be restored. There ya go! 5/24 played ball again. I beat Makasini both times in 21. He made it to 10 one game and not even double digits the other. Felt really good. Man i miss playin real games. I think this volleyball is helpin my jump though. I can grab rim better here and it's not even on a wood floor that gives you lift. Just cement. Hopefully that continues haha. Dunk when i get back. Then we had District meeting. It was really good. I had to practice teach the intro to the Book of mormom in tongan. Never have before but it went okay. Then we did testimony meeting for elder vaka in the district who finishes this transfer. I didn't think i'd see some of the elders cry that i did. It was a good spirit there. Then we all went to eat at Lomios house after. On the way there. Elder fale again asked how my language was. i said good comin slowly but surely. He was like i think it's worse than last transfer. Man this dude is crazy. He is jealous or somethin to see the progress i made this transfer that i never made with him. But he made me so mad. If i'm so bad why doesn't he try helpin me. I hope he goes to a new area so i can have a break from him bein so negative to his son he trained.. anyway that didn't do anything to make my day great. But i talked to maka and as always he cheered me up. Then we went home and read and studied. Then we went to visit some people who just moved in who are supposedly less active. The lady there seemed way into herself. Then we went to fafanga. It was at Tevitas house who we taught. He wasn't their but some people were. Tevitas wifes sister talked to us. Told us he want's to baptize the baby wesleyan. Moroni 8 here we come. Then after that we went to the house next to us and i took a pic with the whole family before some went to america and before and if i get transfered. 5/25 again beat makasini in 2 out of 2 games in 21. Then we ate next door and helped them build thier garden they are doing. Then we studied. Practiced alot for our lesson with Tevita. I was just plannin on teachin the creation principle which is just one sentance. Well we call the ZLs and they say they cant come so we are teachin with fale and unga. I had to pick up another principle. Hard to memorize something with that short of notice. We went to the church and i was able to memorize all i needed to in about 20 minutes. So thankful for God and his help. I wasn't lookin forward to teachin with fale but said a special prayer that i could loose that feeling and to help us be able to teach and tevita would understand. Well time came to go teach. Tevita wasn't there. He had left. He's done that before too. Kinda stunk. I wanted to teach. I felt good. But it's okay. We went to the church and were able to teach dean who we were supposed to teach last week but he never showed. So we talked to him at the church and just talked about joseph smith and the book of mormon. I think he'll choose to get baptized. But he's goin back to australia next week so he won't with us. Then we went to D's house and talked to him. Then today 5/26 Not too much happened. Just like a normal Pday. Just played volleyball alot and some touch rugby. My comp rolled his ankle pretty bad but he's, in his words, "beasting" through it. Walkin all over. He's a tough guy. I love him hes dang awesome. Oh also got a package from landon today that he sent march 31! pretty cool i get one from him the day he entered the MTC best of luck to him. He'll be awesome! Well I think that's about all for the week. If at anytime you just have the urge of "hey i think i'll send jake a package" then something i thought would be good out here is like poptarts and a bag of fruitloops or something. If any of you happen to get that urge. I know it's expensive and not a need. Also, if you send packages. Pictures of jesus on them help the missionaries not go through it before it gets to me haha. They'd feel guilty for stealing in front of jesus. Or something gospel related. For future consideration. Anyway I'm very thankful for all your love and support! Means alot to me! I'll keep on workin hard and you do the same! I love being a missionary serving here in tonga. I'm so blessed to have this experience. I love the gospel and know its true. Til next week! Which i might be in a new area! I'll keep ya updated!
Elder Rose

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