I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well well well what do we have here?

It's another email from Elder Rose who is doing the most amazing thing ever! He is sharing the gospel with people in Tonga! Yup he's pretty lucky! Hello everyone! Hope all is going wel for you all! First off thanks for all the love and support and emails! I don't think you know what they mean to me as a missionary especially when i know it's hard to take the time to write sometimes! So thank you! Well been a busy week kinda. Hope i can keep this relatively short! I just wanna say that dang, i ate good this week. Members were nice! But I'll go into detail i'm sure as i think i wrote those down as highlights to email haha. Well i'll get started. 6/3 (think i emailed about this day in the last email but oh well) Hahah wow look first thing i have to talk about is food! I got freakin blueberry pancakes for breakfast again! Same lady! Holy moly i miss american breakfast, Even if it's just cereal. All you who don't start your day with food are taking that for granted. I have to wait all day to eat some times. We looked for dean to teach him and his mom but couldn't find him. I think he doesn't really have a desire to be baptized. But we're still going to try talkin to his mom if they are still around and not back in Australia. I started to do wash, yup you guessed it, i broke our bucket. Oops! my bad! We got to go to the 'uta with Peni (pronounced Benny) the 'uta is the bush. Or i guess it's really a farm kinda thing! They had an orange tree and i climbed that and we knocked down oranges and we got some cocoanuts to drink and i think that's about it. I shot a video there. You'll all see someday i hope! That night i think i killed like 22 flies in our house. Crazy things. 6/4 We had pancakes eggs and my favorite, real american ham! K so we visited 9 houses. You say wow 9 houses. Well let me tell ya, that's an all day job and walk here in tonga. It was crazy, and all the houses are way far apart. All the ones we visited and actually got to talk to we just invited to church, all of them are just inactive or less active so we just invited them and tried to let them know it is important! That night i felt bad cause at all the houses i didn't really talk. I never really saw an opportunity and didn't really understand but i still felt bad. That night after planning maka said i know you like going to the houses but it's hard when i am the one just having to keep conversations going and you are tuned out. He just asked if i would just try a little more. He expects more of me. But I totally agreed with him and just told him i'd try harder. It's nice to know he just cares and has the confidence in me and just cares that i try. I agreed and just told him thanks for caring and pushing me and i'll try! 6/5 5months done! Wow! We went to church. No one we invited came, dang. We ate way good! Got spaghetti! I ate so much i almost threw up like 4 times. Almost asked to leave the house so i could throw up but i held it down thank good ness! 6/6 we looked for deans again. Couldn't find it. We visited Tevita Akauolas ( the guy we've been trying to teach with ZL's) we can't teach him right  now cause he's got issues goin on with family but we decided to work on his wife and reactivate her. We just asked her to read some of a pamphlet and scriptures that talk about eternal families. She was real interested. Then we visted more houses. Got into every house we tried that day! It was sweet! and set up appoints for all of them! We visited this one lady who i swear is the oldest looking homo sapien i have ever seen. Ya know EEZMA on emperors new groove? Yup like that but older. haha we talked to her forever! But it was hard she was just talking alot and talking about everyones weaknesses. We read Ether 12 27 with her. and got another appointment set! We ate pizza! Then went to a family home evening! It went good! They actually gave us 2 people to teach too! One is just a 9 yr old but hey anyone is welcome and important in our church! 6/7 We had district meeting which was pretty good. Didn't understand everything like last time but that's okay. Chin up right? Well we visited a less active members house and we talked to her awhile and then i didn't really know what people were talking about but i tried to just think of a spiritual thought i could share. At the end i shared DC 38:7 with her. It went good! Then we went to a couple more houses. Taught Josephine (already baptized) half of lesson 4 and then had to leave to another appt. We rush to the appt but the kid already had left so we didn't get to meet with him. Then went to Finau's house and we set up an appointment with her. We got 30 bucks for fafanga so we bought a big pizza. You take 5 dollar pizza for granted. 30 bucks is like the cheapest here. It was good. Then we did a comp exchange. I went with the ZL Thompson. I love that guy. Me and him are way alike. It was cool being with him! we visited missionaries in the zone to just check on them. Me and him talked til 3 that night. 6/8 needless to say, didn't quite wake up on time haha. This day we just moved the ZL's from Hofoa to Tofoa. and we did a baptismal interview. Got another haircut. Man, if i get a decent haircut the first time around after one person this mission i'll be surprised! It took 2 people and it still is pretty....just great to say the least... (sarcsm intented) Then that night we vilo hoa'd back. Then today, 6/9 My MTC teacher payne came to Tonga. Didn't get to see him today. Hopefuly i get to before he goes to Vava'u! Then we went to Hofoa and Pday'd eat and Volleyball! Then sittin here emailing Vuka Sanft called, The one who dropped off the package for me there. I was first to know about her new baby! haha pretty sweet! Well that is all! I love you and miss you all! Thank you for everything! This Gospel is true for anyone who doubts it is. I know without a doubt it is. 
Elder Rose

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