I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello there across the seas!

Pretty sure you are all not on tonga so therefore hello across the seas! Well it's that time again for an email from me! 6/16 after i emailed you that day we taught misi lesson 4! That went well. He's a really receptive 9 yr old and remembers everything we teach him! It's sweet! 6/17 Well we talked to Halaevalu and invited her to church i shared DC 38 7 with her! Then we were gonna teach misi but he was with his friends so we invited all the friends too! haha we taught 7 kids. 2 who aren't baptized and after one said he really wanted to but we need to talk to his parents! Then we talked to a lady named Faholani. We talked awhile. She was telling us about her life. We invited her to church. She said she would come! Shes a less active. Then we visited Finau again and asked her to come to church. She said she promises too. Her husband left. He was always drunk and stuff. I feel bad for these ladys. Their husbands stink!! Then we visited manase and his wife! They both said they would come to church too! 6/18 we did service! We made a garden for these people to grow manioke and taro. i got 3 blisters in like 10 minutes. Man that was hard work and in america that work would be way easier! haha. But it was really good! blisters were fun to have haha. We were gonna teach misi but he wasn't home so we talked to his grandpa who is wesleyan. Talked awhile! Then we went to a ladys house we heard there was a white girl interested in the church. Well we met her. She's an anthropologist from chicago. She is really interested in mormonism because it's the fastest growing church and she wondered why they get so much crap. We talked to her for a long time about life and answered questions she had. Just trying to talk. She has had the discussions before so we are trying to have a different approach with her. but i asked her to read the BOM and gave her one. She was way down to read it. She's really interested but not interested to be a member. Haha something i never thought of that she thought why we were fastest growing was cause we have nice churches and the way we dress. Somethin i never thought about. I like talking to her. Honestly i think she could be baptized. We'll see were it goes though. 6/19 we went to get semisi so he would come to church. Well he wasn't home he went to a funeral in popua. We went with AP's again to teach at another church. That went good. Taumalolo asked me to teach some parts this time. I felt like i did alright. He said i did good too so that was nice. Just taught lesson 1. Then we went to havelu so maka could do a baptismal interview. The 2 kids were supposedly taught but they didn't know anything in the interview. 1 kid was pretty good so maka passed him for baptism but said the girl wasn't ready. The bishop was way mad. Said they were his kids and been taught. It was a big mess for a bit and i may have wanted to tell that bishop what i was thinking but i didn't, partly cause i don't know how to in tongan haha. but everything turned out alright. so at church that white girl came to church and halaevalu! Halaevalu seemed so happy! It was awesome! I mean she seems happy at home but she seemed to have a glow and almost a freedom. It was awesome. Way good to see her there! And we heard that misi's family, who has been inactive, all went! Sweet! But the others we invited didn't show up but we'll try again next week! 6/20 man june is flyin by! We went to manase's house. They said they weren't able to go to church. But we talked to his wife about faith and alot of other stuff and it turned out really good. I told him some stuff in tongan that i have never said before in tongan, it wasn't perfect tongan but they understood. Manase said they understood and felt my spirit. Guess that's all that matters! 6/21 We had district meeting. i did our report! It went good. Felt confident with it and that it all made sense! Then after we all went to a house and ate! We went to havelu to reinterview that girl but we couldnt' find the elders there so it didn't work out then walked all the way to tofoa and we got to watch the joseph smith movie in english. the zone leaders put it on for people to come see! Everything understands english around town so it was good. Man i just love that movie. I wish they gave us a copy to show to people! it's so powerful! I love watching it. I felt the spirit strongly there! We got home and maka had been feeling sick so i gave him some stuff to help him. 6/22 maka was sick but the AP's called and said one of them was coming to observe our comp study and then going with us to visit our investigators and then we had a meeting with president the other district leader in the zone and the zone leaders. So maka was a man and just fought through it and no one even could tell he was sick. Comp study went really good. All in tongan and i understood and then we went to visit misi but he wasn't home but visited his family for a minute and they said they really enjoyed church and then we visted that anthropologist and talked to her again. Man, she's already in 2 nephi! She said she's really enjoying reading and it's really interesting and can see where we get our teachings from. I told her our first visit you can get all our teachings from the bible and the book of mormon and she's seeing that. She grew up protastant. She came to tonga cause she heard that like 50% are mormon haha. I think it'd be cool if she got baptized and i think she's ready to. We still are going to fast and pray about it though so we know what to do! Then we went to the meeting. It was really good! I understood alot of it and i was able to say some things. I had to say the opening prayer and we all bore testimony at the end but while prez was talking i said some other stuff. After the meeting he said i'm doing really good and my tongan is really good. So that was a major confidence boost. I hope to just be able to keep the confidence for awhile and not fall into a slump again and just keep progressing! It felt really good! I'm trying to talk to people more and maka more in tongan. He's just an awesome guy. I feel so blessed to have had him for 2 transfers. He's a major help to me. thats for sure! It's awesome. Well then we went to havelu and did the interview. the girl seemed more ready so those 2 kids are gettin baptized today (thursday). And then it's still morning here so not anything exciting has happened yet! So that's all! Till next week! I love you all and so grateful for you and your prayers, love and support! Means the world to me! I am so lucky to be out here on a mission to just serve the lord and bring happiness to people. It's truely amazing. This gospel is true. I know it is. I know Jesus is the Christ and came and redeemed our sins. I know this is the only true church on the earth. I know we will meet God again after this life and we must prepare to meet him. The time soon cometh. I konw Joseph Smith was a true prophet and he restored this gospel and saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and he did translate the Book of Mormom which is true. I know that we are Gods children and he blesses us when we do as he says. I know that because of my service out here my family is blessed. Because they are it makes being out here totally worth it even if they are the only ones who recieve the blessings but they definitely aren't. I am sooooo blessed it is crazy and i'm eternally grateful for my loving father in heaven who loves and cares about me and all of us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you all! Til next week! 

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