I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's the hard times we learn from right?

Hello again family and friends! Man these weeks go by fast i don't realize it's time to write you all again til the day i get to which is good! But i always look forward to it! 5/13 Not alot happened, we helped build an umu, underground firepit oven, and helped prepare the meal for the fathers and sons they did here. 5/14 We got some Ta'ovala stuff called Tangai for a lady to weave elder Makasini a new Ta'ovala. Also the nurse came cause Makasini hurt his ribs and we didn't know if it was cracked. She said it was probably just bruised which is good. That night we tied together some of the Tangai for the Ta'ovala to help the lady out. 5/15 Man, woke up an hour after i fell asleep to puke my guts out. Everything I ate on the 14th. Chunkiest puke i ever had. It hurt. Then woke up again 4 hours later to do the same thing! I wasn't feelin well. Puke, diarhea and a headache. The neighbors said that that had been going around and lucky me got to hop on the band wagon! So needless to say another great day in bed! Wasn't to great. But felt a little better by the end of the night. 5/16 I woke up feelin good. Did the morning program. Jogged down to the ocean to watch the sunrise but we were a little early to see it actually come up before we went to play basketbally. Then we went around all day lookin for referrals and just people to teach in general. We went to 1 house for referrals and there was a kid there who goes to our ward fixing his bike. he's from australia but been living here the last 2.5 years. Anyway we talked to the lady and she said this kid wasn't baptized yet. He's probably 14 or so. So we talked to him and his parents are members he just didnt know if he wanted to be baptized. So we spent a few hours talkin to him while helping him fix his bike and set up a time to talk gospel for the next day. We walked around to the bishops house and asked for the lisi mamalohi, the less actives list, he gave us 9! Good start we thought haha. While we were going around Makasini said people said even though i dont talk alot when i do, in tongan, i sound good like i've been speaking it a long time. That really helped me. it's good to hear that sometimes. It helped motivate me to talk more. So we went to a few more houses trying to find people. One of the older ladies in the ward we talked to for a bit. She is missing a leg due to diabetes. That is killer out here. Then we bought a pizza and ate it with the family next to our house then had family home evening with them. Instantly felt the spirit. It was cool. Peni, the man of the house, asked me to do the poupou Fakalaumalie, or the spiritual thought. I didn't have anything prepared for that but was able to whip somethin together and the family is really good in english so i did as much as i could in tongan then what i couldn't in english. I shared DC 38 v 7 with them. I like that one it's a comfort scripture on the mission. Then me and makasini had comp inventory which was good. We both agreed we would just try harder and be as obedient as we could. We hadn't had much success in the area so that's why. 5/17 Hey guess what? Woke up sick again! Everything the same as before without the throw up. But I still did all i could. I woke up on time and went to the basketball court so makasini could play but i watched. Makasini played for bout 20 minutes then said 10 more and we'll go. Until people came i didn't want them to feel they wasted their time. I said i was exhausted played for the past 40 minutes but they were like come on play. SO i did. Hard to hold back bodily fluids that like to forcibly come out while playing basketball. I didn't feel good still when we were done. I went home and napped during study time and asked makasini for a blessing. I bought a sprite to drink cause out here they said that would help. Makasini blessed me in tongan. All i really understood is that i'd have strength to do my work throughout the day. Then i napped the rest of study time and after study time i woke up and got ready. I felt like i could go out. We went to our district meeting which after the long walk there i didn't feel the best again but finished up my sprite and it helped. I was asked to recite the purpose and read the motto. I did and then we did reports and watched a clip from "The District 2" about the power of the book of mormon. It has a part of Jeffery R Hollands Book of Mormon talk from like 2 conferences ago. It's really powerful and strong. I liked it. I was asked what i saw in the clip and a started in english and maka said try in tongan and i did and i was able to say half of what i wanted to in tongan and everyone understood and i said the rest in english. After the meeting we walked to our appointment we set up from the day before but the kid wasn't there. We walked around to a few more houses asking for referrals. Then went home and i cleaned while maka slept. then went to fafanga and came back home. We decided we'd fast the next day. so i studied language a bit then went to bed. 5/18 This was a really good day but very hard. I think it was the hardest time i ever had fasting. I woke up hungry cause i wasn't able to eat much at the fafanga the night before because my stomach was small from being sick. So it was hard really being hungry all day. But it was good. First off we did our morning program and studied some language. Then we did lots a walkin! We went to a guy named lucky's house to teach him but he wasn't home. Then we went to see what was going on with that wesleyan guy who i found out is really the preacher for the church of tonga. But we went there and his wife said he was sick. So we set up a time to come back on friday at 2. Then she gave us a referal for her neighbor. We went down the street to a house that we got refered to by bishop. We talked to a guy named viliami but said they didn't have time to talk cause they were leaving so we set up to come back in the evening, that didn't work out eventually and you'll see why. Then we walked over to the church and sat for a minute and got out of the sun. Why is it that food comes up on fast sundays. For some reason we kept talking about fruit and these stories maka had in vava'u about all the pinapples. needless to say my mouth was watering a little haha. Then we went across the street and talked to a member in the ward and asked her if she knew where anyone lived on the list we'd got from bishop. She told us the one she kenw. We headed that way and came to a guy named manase vilingia who i thought was a strong member cause when i'd seen him before he was happy and always smilin and telling me to keep smiling and it'll help in the work. Well i guess he is pretty inactive haha. so we visited him for awhile. I didn't say much. It's cool though. This day i was able to understand more than i ever had whenever we talked to anyone. And if i can even pick out one word i hear a couple of times in a conversation between makasini and whoever. I feel like that is progress and i was able to do this alot this day and ask makasini later the meaning. I really felt the lord helped me in my purpose. Then after we were deciding if we should go to D's or go home. I said lets just go to D's since we are out. Well we got there and were told he just left to Peni's ( peni is the guy at the house whose property our house is on). Maka said i was stupid for choosing this. haha just kidding but we were like dang shoulda just gone home. So then we go home and D wasn't there. that's okay though it wasn't a must to see him. We took a little break and tied some tangai together for maka's ta'ovala. I decided something i miss i didn't know i would is scouts and mutual. It was way fun and maka and i talked about alot of good times we had. I'm really glad i was also pushed to get my eagle! Thank you! I really hope i am involved with the youth in my church calling. I also thought that i can't wait to go to scout camp with my own son. It will be cool to do! Then we hard our longest walk of the day over to josephine and taught her lesson 3. For the first time I saw her make eye contact for longer than .3 seconds! And she answered more! Still nothing more than one word but more than silence! It was good. She always seems happy to see us too which is good. Then the lovely and waited for time came to go to fafanga to eat. We were hopin to eat good. It was another long walk to our fafanga so by the time we got there maka and i were just drained. Maka explained it as he couldn't hold a smile on his face anymoe. It was a tiring experience. So we get to the house and they had forgotten about us. Well they gave one of the kids money to go to the store to buy us something but they said oh you should walk with him. We were thinkin walk more? Let alone backtrack from where we just came? Man we might not make it there. But we did and then the member that was supposed to feed us pulled up and picked us up. We got the money from the kid and they took us to a restaurant we go to quite a bit. I got chicken nuggets which is a new item there and maka got curry chicken. Still not as good as a home made meal but we would take anything at that point. so then they dropped us off at home and maka and i broke our fast and we ate. It was glorious. It was a very good experience though. We felt blessed by the lord and know he loves and cares about us and know he appreciated our sacrifice and faith. It was hard. Well after we ate there was a visitor next door. it was the sister of Peni. She lives on another island and maka knew here when he worked on that island. So we got stuck talking to her. So we didn't make it to meet with Viliami. But we will probably do that tomorrow. Then after that we went to D's. He's funny. He helped Makasini with some really good scriptures for lessons. Then we came home. All in all it was a very tough physically day but definitely a faith and testimony builder that fasting and prayer with a purpose works. Oh, on the way to fafanga i was able to memorize a spiritual thought seriously in like 3 minutes. It was really cool how fast i was able to, not by my self could i do that though. Only with help from the lord. Too bad i didn't get to share it! well we have two teachings set for friday, one with that church of tonga minister and we find out today we have zone conference, we have to reschedule. I wish things out here were a little more thought out and planned out better. I don't like rescheduling especially after it took so long to get the appointment. But it will all work out. Hopefully we can help this guy. Okay one last story for you all. So there was a guy out here whose son died. He went to the temple to pray. Well he was in the celestial room and he was kneeling. A worker came up to him and kindly told him that no one is allowed to kneel but they are more than welcome to sit and pray. Well he took major offence to this. He got some people together and on TV he told about everything that goes on in the temple. I Mean EVERYTHING. It's crazy. He wanted to destroy the church but all it is doing is helping the work. People here ask about it and we just say its sacred and there are covenants we make with god that we cant reveal. So they say well how do i do that and yeah. Gets them really interested. This guy wanted to talk to the supervisor to ask why he couldn't kneel. That guy happened to be D. The guy in our ward. But crazy huh? Hopefully that guy figures it out and comes back and realizes honestly how stupid he was for doing that. Well i think that's it for this time! I hope you enjoyed and i didnt bore you to death! I love you and miss you all and pray for your safety every day! Thank you for everything you all do for me!
Elder Rose

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