I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dunno what to put here... how about: 2 times is better!

Well hello there FAMILI mo ngaahi feleni!! it was nice to hear from all ya'll as usual! Sounds like you are all just grand which is good to hear.besides having to stay in a laundry room to endure a tornado! Sorry Mandy and Lorin and Jonah! Well I am just gonna get started with this! Okay so last pday not much happened. At 1030 the bishop came over and said a lady in the ward needed a blessing! So we got back into our clothes and went on over to use our coolness of ability that we are quite blessed to have! anyway so i annointed again and Makasini blessed her. Then we came back home and i gave the guy some chewable pepto bismal and a few anti diahreal to give to the lady. Haven't heard how she's doing yet. She was crying while talking on the phone when we got there. I quickly wanna apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors. Kinda turnin into a FOB (fresh off the boat) My english is really declining like i almost spelt phone fone. So yeah sorry! Kae kehe, (anyways), 4/22 We went to longolongo to find fale and unga to tell them about the baptism on saturday. They werent there and we checked around and they weren't anywhere around. as we were walking past their house to go back i said a prayer in my head to have them be home this time or to come home soon. Ha, i love the lord. He was so kind to answer that little prayer of mine, a person in their ward came drivin up with them in there! Oh yeah! They were at the beach with the ward playin with the members, rugby on the beach, I was jealous. But we got to tell them about the baptism. Then we left to make sure saturday was alright for the girl being baptized. She wasn't there but we asked one of her neighbors to tell her. Then me and Maka watched the District 2. Dang, those movies are sweet and way spiritual. Anyway, then our fafanga picked us up and  took us to a chinese place. I got some fried rice and sweet and sour chicken! It was good! I like having something different every once in awhile. Then we came back and finished watching the district. Then we taped up some cool pictures on our wall. I read a cool scripture in Helaman. Chapter 12 vs 3! I hope you take the time to read the scriptures i give you all and are able to feel how i do when i read them! okay now 4/23 we went over to the church to fill up the baptism font used some hoses. There were kids there so we let them hold the hoses, they eventually started playin around with it so we had to hold them. then a guy made them all leave. Honestly, i was relieved haha. Then We went to the house next door and had some romen noodle. Then we came home and i read the Book of Mormon more. Then we went to bishops to make sure it was good for him to have the baptism that day. He said yeah. Then we went to his counselor and they said yeah and had already bought ice cream and rolls for it. Well when we were there the girl getting baptized came over and said she cant get baptized cause she was sick. We said are you sure she said yeah and left. The people who had bought the stuff were mad. So we went back to bishop and told him what she said. Well some background, she was supposed to get baptized the thursday before but she said she was sick then too.  so bishop was mad. He said to go to her house and talk to her and if she said no then we werent doin the baptism at all. well we went over there and we kinda figured but confirmed she'd been on her period. I figured she could still get baptized but we talked to her and she just said no. We asked her if she thought baptism was important she said yes. Then we asked her other questions like what she thought about it. she wouldn't answer. we sat there for like 7 minutes looking at her and she looked away then we asked her another question. then  the same thing happened. So we were like if we can find someone that has your same problem and they say you can be baptized will you? She said yeah. We asked her aunt and cousin right there. They found out she should be done that day and she was scared to wear a dress. So we went back to bishops and asked if they had anything she could wear. They said theyd find something. Then we went to the church and left it up to the lord to bring her there or not. People started showing up but not her. Then after like 15 minutes after we were supposed to start she showed up. and then we did the baptism and everything went smooth. We are here to find the lost sheep and will do all we can to help them. Oh i really hope you all help the missionaries. Give them money or feed them or give them rides. It is way appreciated. I definitely am gonna help out the missionaries the best i can when i get home! Well after the papi we did a vilo hoa comp exchange because unga had someone in my area being confirmed sunday and i had 2 bein confirmed on sunday in his area. So I slept back in my old bed that night. and just talked to fale. 4/24 Happy Easter all! Totally forgot/ didn't know when easter was til like this weekend haha.  well we walked to kolomotu'a to get a birth date from the girl that was baptized for a record. She didn't know it but the aunt did and the aunt was on her way but we had to go so we had makasini and unga get it for us. I saw kyle smith in a picture with a tongan elder in washington, those of you who know him. Then we went to our church. Atimata was confirmed but for some reason they didn't do sione, the ZL's showed up about half way through sacrament and then after sac we asked bishop why they didn't and he said they  will copy his sisters records cause they were confirmed the same day before.  Then we went to our fafanga and it was good. Then we came back home and i read the Book of Mormon more. Then we walked to Kolomotu'a again and made dinner with the family next to our house. Made breadfriut fries. It was good! Then me and Makasini went inside (oh we exchanged back) and just talked. 4/25 I woke up and read BOM again. Then me and maka went to the church and i tried to memorize what i was going to say on the faith principle to teach this girl. We stayed there for a bit me tryin to practice. Finally got it down so we went to the girls house but she wasn't home. Dang. So then we went to remind our fafanga about us. We did that then were gonna go to the longolongo elders to see where our district meeting was tuesday. Ran into elder Vaka and Ma'afu who were doin the same thing, then the ZL's came and they finished goin to longolongo cause they ahve a car and checked for us. We were to have our DM in longolongo. Then we had our fafanga and i ate a chicken and 'ufi and some lu stuff. It was good. 4/26 Went to district meeting which was same as usual. Report on the week. Then we went and bought food and waited for a bus for a long while. When it finally came it was full so we decided to walk home. On the way the electrictian guy who was supposed to fix our water picked us up and took us the rest of the way. so he looked at our stuff and didn't do anything and left. well maka napped and i read BoM. Then we went to our fafanga and i ate aton again, like 8 hot dogs, 9 pieces of chicken, some crab salad stuff and some ufi. And was still hungry but no more food haha oops. Then we played a card game called trumps with the family for a little bit. I'd never played but did okay it was fun. Then we stopped and talked to D in the ward for a bit. Then we went home and the ZL's came with a pillow for me and my 40 bucks for the 2 weeks. I slept good that night. then me and maka talked forever as usual.4/27 It was christmas! Got a package from mom sent the 1st! it had a tape and nutrigrain bars and stuff! Much needed Maka got one too with a bunch of candy! I listened to the tape it was good. and we ate candy! Then we did our laundry from a bucket. first time i really did it. Then I shaved with a razor for the first time on the mish for fun. Well guess what everyone?after I showered i read the BoM and at 530 I finished readin the Bom for the 2nd time. Dang that's a good book.I challenge you all to read it. I did in a few weeks and am busy so you all can too. Now i'm goin to try it in tongan. anyway I want to leave you with my thoughts and stuff. I decided Ether 12 is a way dang good chapter. and Vs 6 and 27 are my favorite. They were just really comforting and just felt the spirit reading it. Then the last few chapters of moroni are really good too!! I bare my testimony that it is a true book. I promise if you will read it sincerely and try to understand and look for the good in it you will find it and understand it. Dont think about other things while you read. Focus on it. I promise you will know it is true and feel a deep gratitude for it and feel the spirit. I have never had an overwhelming conviction i know it's true. But i know it is because this time when I read it, I was able to feel the spirit and just the little things that stuck out to me. Just reading it made me happy and I learned alot and my testimony really grew. I just cannot deny it. It is true. I know it is. I hope you will all read it very sincerely if you haven't but not cause i challenged you too, but because you want to. I say that in the name of jesus christ amen. Well after i finished I talked to Maka about it and we enjoyed talkin about how true it was. Then we went to our fafanga with the lady who was supposed to be goin to utah. She said she cancelled her trip. That was a bummer for me. and she forgot we were comin to eat. She gave us 20 bucks to buy somethin. Well right as we came out Lomio passed in his car with fale and unga. So they went and bought us curry chicken and we all ate at lomios house. We talked to them all for awhile and then we left. Then me and maka went home and just talked more! Then today, it was pday. We woke up i did some ab workouts and some pushups then we were goin to go eat but lomio was outside and we went with him. We went to get the dog we were going to kill and eat today. Well We got to the house and waited for fale and unga then the guy left to get something. Came back with a gun and i watched him shoot it in the head. It was sad. Hopefully i don't make you sick with the next part. Blood streamed out of it's head out of the bullet hole and it fell to the ground tail wagged for awhile and it twitched and you could see the heart beating way fast. Well if eventually stopped and we put it in a bag and took it to lomios. Then they cut the throat and then we got the umu ( underground firepit) ready. Then they cut off the bottom half of the legs and the head. Then they put it in really hot water and take it out and the hair just falls off. it's very...different from the states. Then they just put it in the fire and fry it up. Then we went to Longolongo and played tennis and rugby while it cooked and played some cards. It was a fun p day. Then they brought the kuli (dog) and manioke (tapioca) and we ate. Dog really is good. I didn't get to eat alot cause i was fanning the flies and had one hand to tear the meat off and no one would help me but oh well. Then we continued playing tennis then everyone stopped but me and i played with these old guys who were pretty good. 2 on 2. I'm not that good still haha but it was really fun. Then everyone left and i helped clean up and now we are here and I'm exhausted and will sleep dang good tonight. well That's about all. I hope you enjoyed the email! I love you all and miss you and hope you all stay safe! i'm doing good and loving doing the lords work in tonga and will continue to work hard to help these people. I love God and all he does for me and blesses me and you all with. I hope you may all grow closer to him as I am doing. He is truely amazing and so is Jesus Christ. I know he came to that country and ministered to the people. His doctrine is true. We need to all do our best because we will all return to live with God one day and at the judgment bar we don't want to fall beneath it but rejoice for the amazing chance we have to live eternally happy with our creator again. I know it is true and hope i can help you all with my testimony which grows as long as i do my best being obedient and what he asks even when it is hard. Keep persisting and keep going. Love the lord. Don't let Satan get to you. I pray for you all daily and always beg for your protection. May God be with you til i hear from you again.
 Elder Rose

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