I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's been a minute!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been awhile! I gotta lot to cover but not alot of time so i'll try to do my best to cover it all! Want to start with challenge for the week! I read about christ and his ministery in the bible and reading jesus the christ! After i read the bible account i just took time to let it sit and ponder it! It was a neat feeling. I want you guys to do that same thing! Now i'll give you some highlights! Since last email given 3 blessings to sick people. My comp helped me for one time! How to teach a principle and it was so helpful! I was grateful for that! Oh what was sept 11 like there in the states? Anything wierd? I got lots of mail from jenna, katie adams, grandma hamblin, grandma and grandpa nielson, and landon! It was good! That was a great day! I got to ride my bike in a hurricane! It was fun! Not a bad hurricane but bad enough to be one! It was way sweet! No worries i'm safe! we actually did some work a day and tried to go find people to teach. Well just talked to ward mission leaders and asked them to find for us. But hey it was something. I can say that over the last 3 weeks i've been blessed and i can actually understand more now! I'm so grateful! It's been a blessing! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! On monday we district leaders and zone leaders had a meeting with a member of the 70. Elder pearson. He asked what we thought the mission needed. We told him. It was a great meeting. Taught us how to be great leaders. Then the next day all the missionaries came and we had a conference with him. He talked about everything we told him. It was soo good! Lots of stuff on obedience. One thing i wanted to share in the email that i remember i wanted to share. If you feel you have little faith, the way to build that is by obedience. Your faith will grow if you are obedient. Trust that. Show your faith and be obedient! I left the meeting a changed person. He gave an elder an apostolic blessing. That was sweet. My comp during the whole meeting just kept his head down and tried not to listen. I could see why if i was him, sadly, as amazing as that meeting was, he didn't change. If a 70 couldnt change him, i don't know what i could do to do it. That's really about it though. There is more i wanted to do but kinda out of time. Maybe next week if i have time. I love you all. Thank you for all you do. You all help me sooo much! Thank you all! I'm doing well here and hope you all are too! I know that this church and gospel are true and joseph smith through the power of god restored it to the earth. I pray for you all daily. I'm so thankful for you.
Elder Rose

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