I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1.5 weeks left!

Holy dang time is flying! 2/17 my comp had to go to the byu health clinic so we got to ride in a car over there! that was way weird! but it reminded me of being in dallas for some reason last year at all star weekend. being on the outside world made me excited to leave for tonga haha. so throughout this email i'm going to add random scriptures and ideas that i was prompted to put in this email. read 2 nephi 3 carefully lots of good stuff there. in class on the 18th we picked apart the first 13 verses of the book of mormon if you look those 13 cover almost every gospel principle it was cool. this wasn't the best day i wan in a bad mood cause someone made me feel way stupid for asking a dumb question and we had to go to zone teaching and we were walking there and i told me comp i probably didn't have the spirit cause I was mad but once i got there right before we started teaching i prayed. prayed for forgivness for being mad and prayed for the spirit. The lesson went way way good and it was a neat experience to feel the spirit work through me. 2/19 Jacob 3:1 2/20/11 Jacob 4:8. The topic this day was enduring. I really thought about this. It's really simple. No matter our situation or how hard our lives are, all we are asked to do is keep the commandments. That's it. so if we take it day by day and just rely on the lord and keep his commandments our lives will be blessed. Jacob 5 lots of symbolism. Pray often, not just morning and night but whenever you need. God is always there to help you throughout the day. I challenge you to improve your prayers. Don't just casually pray or ask the lord but PLEAD with him to help you. Make it sincere. Pray every morning to endure the temptations of the day to have strength. I promise it will be easier if you do. Our fireside sunday was way cool. some people went and said their favorite hymn and we'd sing their favorite verse. I've been dying to sing army of helamen at one of these and we haven't yet and no one picked it. I was like what in the world. but then at the end we sang called to serve which we sing everytime but this time it was different. We started out singing soft and by the end we were standing and singing way loud. it was so cool! Then I got surprised he said at the end during the postlude music which is usually army of helamen they would put the lyrics up and whoever wanted to could sing but you could leave. So many people stayed to sing. only some left. it was sweet i love that song. It's by far my favorite. possibly ever of all time. and it really applies to me right now. Then we went to a movie of a devotional by uchtdorf from 2006 which is good. His wife is really funny! and so is he! It was a really good talk about a missionaries call. Another challenge. Something we do here. I challenge you to pick a christlike attribute each week and focus on that and work on it. If you are ever down or anything pray to god to have a better attitude. It works. Mosiah 2:24. 2/22 This day i did alot of scripture study. It was so cool! My knowledge of the Book of Mormon grew aton! If someone can find me a book of mormon timeline that is like folded into 6 and has pictures and covers the history i'd like that. My teacher had it and it helps alot i read the whole thing and it was awesome! Some way cool stories in that book which is the most true of all books. Then we had a devotional that night. The guy was funny. Elder kearson. He was from england and him and his wife did great on their talks. They covered alot of stuff. I liked it alot! Another thought i had. To those who read this before thier mission. Don't dread the MTC. I love it here. You learn so much if you allow yourself to. Listen to the talks. Take notes get all you can from them. They are a great help. It's not alot in your life you get to hear from a general authority twice a week. They are great. I have loved my time here. I will miss it. Oh. if someone will record the documentary between conference sessions that'd be cool for me to see when im back. A few of my buddies got interviewed and will be the ones on that documentary thing! I wanna see it. elder chandler, loftus and some others! Yesterday we got to host again. That was fun. i hosted a kid from provo going to netherlands. This week I really grew alot. The MTC is an amazing place. It's definitely sacred and set apart for missionary work. I love it here. I'm way thankful for all your love and support! I can't believe I'm in tonga in a week and a half! it's comin up quick! Wow. I'm way excited! Stinks for you all cause I'll be on the other side of heaven ;) haha teaching gods children this amazing message. If we just hearken to gods words through his mouth pieces, our lives will be alot smoother and we will be happy. I've been thinking alot about eternal life, how amazing that will be when we can all reunite in heaven. I love you all so much. The church is true. This gospel is true. I hope you all look up these scriptures. But before you do. Pray to have the spirit with you and have the things stick out to you like they do to me. Do this any time you read. And pray after you read. I love the scriptures and love them more and more as i read them. The people of tonga got something comin to them with our district. We have a great district and alot of amazing elders. Have fun all and be safe! `oku ou `ofa lahi kiate kimoutolu! (I love you all alot)
    Elder Rose

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