I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

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Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Moley 1 Month?

Hello! Wow in 2 days I'll have been gone a month! Thats crazy! I can't believe that. It's flying by! Only 23 months left! If all go that fast I'll be home before I know it! Anywho, so after I emailed last thursday I got a haircut. It isn't to bad that lady did decent! Quite the exciting event i know. you were all dying to know that. So I'm doing laundry right now and it made me remember to tell you when I'm in tonga I'll be taking my clothes into the shower with me and washing them by hand. So if i do that when i get home don't think i'm wierd, just what i've been doing for 2 years. So also last thursday we were on our way to the temple, i'm in my newly dry cleaned suit and you know not clumsy ol me, i go and have to slip on some grass that happened to be striaght mud under it and so i get mud all over me. It was great! But i didn't want to miss out on the temple so I still went, muddy and all! :) it was great I just waited for it to dry so I didn't have to dry clean it again and I just wiped it off. Looks good as new! Though it looked like i crapped my pants but it's okay! So that's 2 great temple experiences so far while i've been here haha. That night we had a lesson from brother payne about the spirit. it was really cool. he drew a power plant with power lines connected to it and then those went to a house. The power plant was the spirit, the power lines were us, and the house was an investigator, and he talked about like insulators and conductors of electricity and like insulators are getting distracted and not being obedient and such and conductors of the spirit were reading scriptures and studying. and we have to carry the spirit to investigators because that's the only way they'll be converted. it was really cool. On the 28 we did zone teaching. I taught elder estill. we were basically just rushing the lesson which was on the plan of salvation. Half way through he said time out and was like what do you know about who i'm being and was just like just let the spirit guide you and don't worry about rushing the lesson. so the second half of the lesson went really well we asked questions and taught to needs, which is exactly what we were supposed to do! then we taught pau'u and he's been our pretend progressing investigator and it was our second visit and we didn't really teach just asked questions and helped him with whatever he needed. it was really cool. then the 29 we got to teach him again and the first time we taught him we got half way through the lesson and stopped right before the atonement then this third time the spirit really guided us. we were asking him how things were going and he said he went to sacrament with his friend and didn't really understand it so we explained that to him and it was crazy how it tied in with exactly where we left off! It was so cool. and it made me actually realize why we do go to church every sunday and not just once a year. None of us are perfect and we sin every week no matter what so we go to take the sacrament to be forgiven and to expand our knowledge of the church and to renew the convenants we made after we got baptized. just something that hit me hard! on the 30. I learn alot about what i know when I teach. I teach myself things sometimes, when that happens i know it's the spirit working through me. it's a neat thing to experience. This week I've been teaching alot and studying the atonement, Pau'u told this story of this guy who had an affair and his wife had one because he did but they never divorced and they worked through it and stayed married and totally repented and they actually became temple workers and he died not to long after. I thought that was a cool story because you know were he went after he died when not long before he wouldn't have gone there. I thought it was pretty sweet. Later that day i was reading ch 18 of first nephi and the last verses 23-25 it remined me of our journey to heaven and once we get there we create our own worlds and when like the liahona stopped working that symbolized the great apostasy and when the liahona worked again that's cause there was a prophet just like in our history. elder martinez was like woah that's cool symbolization and called that i'll be a prophet haha. That'd be so crazy i can't imagine that! Dad finally got a job! I thought that was cool! Seein blessings of me going on a mission! Looked for a long time then i leave and he finds one not long after! Sweet! I'm happy for you dad! I watched the Joseph smith movie again and it's so cool. the thing that stuck out to me this time is when he said "the lord calls us in our weakness, but qualifies us for the work." I realized how true that is. Then we went for a temple walk and I took aton of pictures! On the 31 I talked with elder estill who is kinda quiet but we talked forever and he talked about how the last year has changed his life hes 22 and now on a mission he wasn't going to go on one and got in a huge wreck awhile ago and that kinda changed his life and he decided to go on a mission and he's been way blessed since. it's a neat story. sorry not alot of time to go into details. something I need is AIRBORNE. I'm getting sick just like everyone else here is and I wash my hands constantly and always use the sanitizer but oh well! On the 1st i taught a pretending athiest. it was kinda cool. I thought we did a pretty good job by teaching by the spirit on that one. yesterday I read my pariarchal blessing and i haven't since before i came. Alot stuck out to me about how much of a healer i am and a teacher. hopefully I can teach many people effectively and heal them in anyway. I got my blessing copied shrunk and lamenated so I'll send my real one back. Last night I talked to elder hettig who is from new zealand and how he went to austrialia to work. Woww they make good money there. Had a few ideas going in my head about that. We'll see how everything works out. Well how are you all doing? I like hearing from you! SOrry some of you havent got letters in a bit. I'm backed up a little bit but i'll try to catch up! I can't wait to go to tonga and teach this gospel though I have lots of studying to do! I know this is the true church and the work i'm doing is the greatest there is because I'll be saving souls and the worth of souls is great in the sight of god. I love you all and cant' wait to hear from you soon! Ofa lahi atu!!
Elder Rose

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  1. oh i love reading his letters!!! his spirit shines through TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!! :)