I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

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South Pacific

Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 weeks!

I can't believe 6 weeks have come and gone! They are going so fast! So since the last time I wrote this is what's happened. 2-10-11 Went to the temple. It was great and all except the fact that the lady gave me pants that had a 28 waist and I'm a 30 it was really tight and made the experience very comfortable and enjoyable. I hope you all sence that there is no sarcasm whatsoever in that statement. 2/11/11 so We had a sub this morning and his name is brother krebs. He's the fijian teacher but he taught us this day. He taught us a lesson on staying focused. It was amazing. Our district went through a crazy change and everyone stayed on task and focused and it was jsut way good! then we started practicing contacting with eachother. It was way fun and made me excited to talk to everyone in tonga even though i'll have no idea what they say! 2/12/11 We had service and got it done in a half hour which is way fast so it was good cause then we took naps til class. After that we were extremely focused. We had a TRC That night so to prepare me and elder michael just went through what we would do at the TRC and taught a wall. It helped. after we started elder howell came in so we taught him. Helped alot. Then we taught our teacher which helped even more! It was really good! Then the TRC came and no volunteers showed up so we taught people in our district. It was really good! We SYL'd so much that day or speak your language. It felt way good! After TRC we had to plan out the next week as a class. I don't know why but some people make a big deal out of little things. It's just like come on man who cares. And there was just alot of contention while planning and it was dumb. After planning Elder michael asked if i could grab someone and give him a blessing. When we had prepared for trc earlier he hit his head pretty hard on the wall. He wasn't really feeling good and felt pretty woosy. So I grabbed Elder Trower he's 23 and one that I'm pretty close to and so he annointed and I sealed and gave the blessing. It was really cool and right after I got done he said he felt alot better which i thought was cool and Elder trower said it was a good blessing. So that made me feel pretty good! Then we went to gym and Elder hettig broke his shoe. Half of his sole fell off haha. Then as we left gym i look to my left and elder hettig is standing there being sung to by a guy looking extremely embarrassed. He is from new zealand and this guy found out and new a song from there so he sung it to him hahaha it was bad that guy was a little on the questionable side. 2/13/11 Sunday was good President connors told this story about how his kid didn't really have any friends and so he went to his school to surprise him and see why. He went to lunch with his sun and played soccer. when the kid went back to class he left but his son said thanks for coming dad. He said he heard thanks for saving me dad. Because after that he had alot of friends. On the way out to his car a distinct voice said to him. If you take care of mine. I'll take care of yours. I thought that was cool. He was talking about the holy ghost. Then he told us he was having shoulder surgery. Later our newly made district leader asked if we could do a group fast and if some people didn't want to do it that was fine. But yet again someone made a big deal out of nothing and said not everyone should have to do it but some were to shy to speak up that they didn't want to. Anyone would have if they didn't want to and it was just dumb. It made Elder Unga (DL) feel like crap and it was his first day. I thought it was a way good idea so i tried to reassure him and i think that helped. Then we had a fireside and heard some conversion stories that was good to hear. Then went to the legacy of kirtland movie. That was also really good. That place is where alot of revelation happened! 2/14/11 we fasted and it went well it felt good to fast for president connors. 2/15 this day was a lazy day for everyone. none of us got anything done. So we went down to the devotional and i was hoping to get something out of it. I got alot! It was so powerful. Almost like president hollands talk to us. T save time I will probably just send my notes to ken and have her post them or something. but he talked about 100 percent obedience and stuff it's hard to cover everything cause there was so much good in it! After devotionals we have district meeting where we all say something that stuck out to us and bare our testimony. and we have one of our branch presidency there. President Muir said something that really stuck out to me. He talked about how he used to run marathons. So ken lance and jenna listen up. He said how you carb load before you do the race and about mile 20 you just loose all that energy and you think how am i supposed to do 6 more miles? Well you dig deep within yourself and find the strength and faith to finish. You do the same when you are unmotivated on your mission. You dig deep and push through the hard times! Oh another thing and the devotional that was said that stuck out is: If you want more faith be 100% obedient and you will have more faith. YOu can't be 80 or 90 or 99% obedient. 100% obedience is the only way and that is how you will gain greater faith. How much faith do you want? My challenge is be 100% obedient because you will be blessed and your faith will grow and that is something we ALL need! Also this day we had zone teaching and We were preping to teach our progressing investigator which is elder Pau'u. As we were preparing We talked about some things we should cover. After i did that i felt like there was still something i needed to look over. So i prayed and looked over the rest of the lesson and commandments is what stuck out to me. Something i've never taught. But we got to zone teaching and we didn't get to teach pau'u. instead we taught elder tingy who acted as someone. Low and behold the thing he had questions about was commandments. I thought it was really sweet and a testimony builder to me of following the spirit. on 2/16 we got to finally host the new missionaries! It was really fun! I hosted someone from boise and moab! I really liked it! I hope we get to agian before I leave! Well Mike Mac you asked for a shout out so here it is! Hope all is well and still haven't heard back from you! I better soon! Cant wait for you to get out on your mish and join me in Tonga! Well everyone I love you all and hope all is well! Have a good week!

Elder Rose

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  1. Awesome post =) i am Elder Trowers little sister. i was bored and looked up his name on google and it brought me to your blog! i Hope your haveing a great time on your mission. if you read this and get to see Mike Tell him hello and that i love him. From his sister Brooke