I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ending MTC Starting Tonga

Hey everyone I'm no longer using the my lds mail account so send emails to me hear. I'll be able to email you I just have to pay for a dollar an hour! well i'll get started. havent been able to email for a bit so i have many days to cover. 3/3 we had a culture day in class with brother yates who came here to tonga. it was pretty cool! he told us some stories and gave me a rugby jersey! I sent that home. 3/5 i got my hair cut did our last service and have been on my mission for 2 months! Time went by fast! we had our last TRC too which i was quite excited about! 3/6 This was a really good day! it was our last time in sacrament so we had a musical number. We sang army of helaman. The first verse in tongan the second in english and the last in tongan. Oh man I love that song. It's so dang good! and we sounded good too! We had a departure meeting with our branch presidency where we took pics with them, learned how to pack and got pass along cards. I got to hold and iphone and that was really wierd. It was awkward! So then we had a fireside that night. It was really good. it was the temple president of the provo temple. He talked about temples. Pointed out some cool stuff, Have you ever thought that when you go to the temple you have walked where god and our savior have walked? they've walked every hall of every temple. That was amazing for me to hear. And he still goes there today! especially the salt lake temple. That temple has grown to mean alot to me over the last few months. I don't know why but for some reason this day i felt really close to jeremy. It was a neat feeling. For those of you who don't know Jeremy is my brother who died a little after he was born. And I had an impression or wondered if his temple work has been done. so if someone could inform me of that that would be really cool! Then i saw a friend from home after the fireside and talked to him about the mission. it was a really good talk. i guess alot of my friends who weren't going to go on missions have decided to shape up and go. That made me happy to hear. and we just talked about how much we grew in the mtc. I really loved the MTC and learned and grew so much! then we watched the testament movie again. 3/7 we had culture day with bro williams and he just taught us how to play rugby. then we had alot of time to pack and do laundry and stuff like that. then we had culture day with bro payne that night. he served tongan speaking in new zealand. it was really cool! some neat pictures and told us stories. then 3/8 TIME TO LEAVE TO TONGA! Goodbye MTC you were great! we left the mtc and flew to LA had a 6 hour lay over there I talked to some of you and thank you to those I talked to! It was really good to talk to you and meant alot to me! You are all great and glad to hear you are doing good! I was really happy i got to talk to you! Then 3/9 we missed that day completely it was really wierd not to have a day haha. We were just on a plane and missed it cause we passed the dateline. The plane we rode to new zealand was huge! 3/10 We arrive in new zealand and it was cool. Elder Hettigs dad owns a bus and came and picked us up and we went to like an animal farm and got alot of food and had a picknic at some park in new zealand. It's a really pretty place! then i couldn't call you from new zealand because my phone card wouldn't work and it was really expensive to call! I wasn't a fan. So we left new zealand and arrived here in Tonga! We actually rode with the king which we didn't know until we landed and all these people were there waving and the band was playing it was really cool. Super hot here haha. So then we went with president tukuafu and his wife who are really awesome and had a dinner at their house and then stayed and the school liahona which is a church owned school. there were lots of bugs that we killed here. so then we went to bed that night 3/11 we woke up and saw some people playing rugby so we walked over there to watch and elders fotu tau aho, unga, langi, and leavitt played with them. it was funny. then we had to go to presidents for breakfast and do an orientation. that was boring. And president said after feeling the spirit we brought and inspired to do so we'd go to do a session from 2 to 4. I was way excited! It was cool to go there and see what it's like. It's so different from what Im used to. I didn't understand anything the whole session. Luckily when i had to do something I got to do it in english haha. But it was a cool experience. I enjoyed it. Then we had dinner. Yes I know we eat after everything we do. And then we went back to our dorms and just hung out. The next morning we went to breakfast and met our companions and had a testimony meeting. My comp was Sime. He was awesome. He was supposed to be in new guinea but didn't get his visa til just barely. so he was my comp my first week here  in tonga. He was awesome. but he left me today. I got my new comp but i'll talk about him when i get to that day. so then we went to our area. Longolongo is where i'm serving. This place is very 3rd world even the nice houses are really bad. But it's cool here to see the tropical stuff. So me and Sime went for a walk and I got fried. I got a cocoanut too fresh off the tree. It's a weird taste but i like it now. so then on sunday I had my first baptism. A little 8 year old girl. Heleni Salote Tukutukunga. It was cool. I did it in tongan! Okay so i won't go day by day now but just kinda things i've done and feelings. My first few days here I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally frustrated not knowing the language don't know what anyone is saying and can't really speak very well. I don't know why but i got really mad and sad. First time I've been homesick and almost a feeling of depression. I was just really down. I hated it and wanted to leave. But it's little things that keep you here. First the little kids everytime they see me just yell ROSE and come up to me haha they are funny. One boy has a kobe bryant jersey so i call him bryant. Oh ps I was sad to hear Deron got traded from the jazz. anywho back to the story. I was really down and so i just kneeled down and prayed to God for help with the language and be comforted. I worked hard and tried to understand. Then after when we were talking to someone I was able to understand a little. So that was nice. Then the next day, super down again because I couldn't understand anything. Yet again I prayed to God, hard. Just for comfort and help. I work really hard to try to learn this language. He helped me out and since then i decided i'm just going to have fun. I do things that make me laugh. I made a video that I hope I can send you guys. anyway that's about it i'm going to try to attach pics now. Oh and ps. i got a tupenu today. Sime left it for me. Oh and Elder Fale is my new comp. From austrialia. He's way cool. okay here i go.okay looks like i can't put up pics. I'll try to figure it out next time. Im runnin out of time. I love you all and miss you. Hope you're all doing well! ofa lahi atu kimoutolu!

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