I am Elder Jake Rose, and I am currently serving in the Tonga Nuka'alofa mission. I left to the MTC January 5, 2011 and will arrive back to my home in Utah in two quick years.
This is my story and the stories of the people of Tonga.

Elder Jacob Aaron Rose

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.O. Box 58

Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

South Pacific

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 weeks already?

Okay this week went alot faster than last. Today is my p day thursday but its wednesday there. I'm 20 hours ahead of you in utah. I have a watch still set to utah time so it makes it kinda fun. Some of you asked about the earth quake. The night I got here i was sleeping and woke up the next morning and president said there was a tsunami warning i didn't know anything happened. so if i died it would have been peaceful to say the least ;) anywho i'm really happy here. I'm sorry my last letter was kind of pessimistic i was really frustrated but just prayed hard and have been having a blast since. It's a really neat place here and the people are really nice. it's funny walking into someones house you don't know and asking for food or a phone. in america that's robbery haha. but it's cool here though sometimes i only get to eat once a day cause people forget they are supposed to feed us haha. okay starting off the week. last pday i felt sick it kinda sucked. just nausiated. but got better. some items i need. whoever may send them i know it's probably expensive: A flash drive so i can put my pictures on it then send my sim card home so incase it gets lost like my last i still have the pictures cause i can't figure out how to email pics. sorry. my companion elder fale looks just like Derek Rose the NBA player. He is way awesome i'm lovin having him for a comp. 3/20 holy cow i ate so much. we went to church and had our fafanga (very important word means dinner or food appointment) ate aton of lu pulu and fish and i couln't eat more then walked to another house and they fed us just as much so pretty sure i had food in my throat cause no more could go down. then we got back home and my comps family brought more food. man o man i was stuffed to the rafters (hope some of you caught that reference) 3/21 we had a special training meeting that was really awesome with president. Really felt the spirit there. then we went to our fafanga but they didn't know they were supposed to feed us so they gave us 100 bucks, benefits of that person being the mayor ahaha. so us and the zone leaders went to the most expensive place in tonga to eat. it's also the best. it's called little italys it was a massive pizza. 55 bucks massive. then we went and got ice cream. it was dang good. we ate next to the ocean. sorry for all you who can't do that :) 3/22 I couldn't sleep that night i was so hot. fell asleep at 4 it sucked! but what can ya do. Then we walked to our district meeting. that was an adventure. We were walking and got soaked in rain! It rains alot here. Luckily my backpack has a rain fly so nothing in it got wet! but we stopped by a shop just to get out of the rain and luckily it was one of my comps relatives who owns it! it was great! She gave us an umbrella and a big arizona drink! I still don't understand when people talk so district meeting is pointless haha. We did the same thing here though as we did at out special trianing. just practiced the baptismal invitation. anyway that day we got 3 investigators. Atimata who is s 16 yr old girl. another lady that goes to church but isn't baptised and thinks going to church is good enough and then the bishop told us about someone. I hope these all go well and we get baptisms. the area i'm in is known for the work being dead. hopefully we can get it going again. yesterday 3/23 I woke up and just read the BOM cause i havent since the MTC and i missed it. So i read. I was reading in alma. and i read chapter 5. wow that's a very powerful verse. it'll rip you apart haha. But i really liked it. Though it was wierd cause I prayed that the things i read would help me with our investigator that goes to church. I think that would scare someone away haha. so if you read it just imagin what i was thinking having a certain investigator in mind. Then me and my comp started talking about adam and eve and trying to figure stuff out with that and symbolyzm and such. it was really interesting so i read about it in the bible and moses. and I read about Cain to who became perdition. I didn't ever know why he was but now i know. I love searching the scriptures. it's so cool! I learn so much from them! Then we hung with the Zone Leaders all day cause My comp is the District Leader and had to interview 3 people for baptism so we drove around alot. They all went well and accepted being baptized! I started to read a book called the infinite atonement and just reading the first like 5 pages i gained a greater appreciation. I don't have the book it's the ZL's and when we were at his house i just read. but it was good. Then last night we had a big fafanga. I had this soup stuff i didn't knwo what it was but it had coconut cream, peppers, tomatoes, fish and i didn't know what it was at the time so i just ate it. it wasn't very good but i finished it anyway then had 2 bowls of kapa pulu (corned beef) and then the guy brings in 7 bananas and says i have to eat them all. So i did! I got a pic of the seven banana peels on a plate man i ate alot. They loved that i could eat so much ahaha luckily i like bananas. probably the best tasting thing since i've been here! But they were happy cause i ate alot. so now 3/24 it's p day and we are emailing! I'd still love to get hand written letters from you all! It's a really stormy day today and we drove by the ocean and i saw some massive waves! Well I got to go times out! I love you and miss you all and hope all is well! The church is true and I'm blessed because of it!

  Elder Rose

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